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Sam Milby

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Zaijian-Carmina 'love team' in ASAP 2012

ASAP 2012 welcomes the newest primetime “love team” of Carmina Villarroel and Zaijian Jaranilla  together with the other members of Lorenzo’s Time cast. 

Fun load up the small screen with special surprises from Princess and I lead stars Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla and Khalil Ramos; romantic serenade by Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby; and the Japanese-themed production number from Kim Chiu, Shaina Magdayao, Erich Gonzales, Maja Salvador and Empress Schuck.

Get ready to sing and dance with the electrifying birthday bash of Iya Villania with Gab Valenciano and Rayver Cruz; special duet from Christian Bautista and KC Concepcion as he receives his platinum award; and the launch of Jovit Baldivino’s newest album.

Be in the loop with the latest music trend from Toni Gonzaga in T-Zone; and the coolest dance craze with Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 4 evictees Tom and Yves in Step My Step.

Watch out for another classic and hair-raising vocal act from Basil Valdez, Erik Santos, Richard Poon, JM de Guzman, Juris Fernandez, Paolo Valenciano, Princess Velasco and the ASAP Pinoy Champs.

Meanwhile, Gary Valenciano offers another show-stopping world-class performance as he takes over the dance floor with ASAP Supahdancers KC, Kim, Shaina, Maja and John Prats.

For updates, photos and to hang out live with the stars at ASAP Chill-Out, log on to, follow @ASAPOFFICIAL on Twitter, or like

Source ABS CBN 

Sam Milby has starred in numerous TV series during his career

Sam Milby and Judy Ann Santos will star in a upcoming TV-series

Photo credits to owner

Judy Ann Santos have agreed to make her eminent  return on primetime television on ABS-CBN’s upcoming drama series titled Against All Odds.
Judy Ann will be associated by a powerhouse character that includes Sam Milby, KC Concepcion, John Estrada, Mylene Dizon, Jessy Mendiola, Joseph Marco, Bryan Termulo, Mr. Tirso Cruz III, and Ms. Coney Reyes

February 4, 2012
 Sam Milby and Jessy Mendiola play friends-turned-lovers in Maalaala Mo Kaya’s February 4 episode. Jessy plays the role of Joie, a 16 year-old who secretly writes to her “future boyfriend” in her journal long before she even meets him. Then she becomes friends with Nono, a charming guy whom she treats like an older brother at first. But they soon find themselves falling in love with each other despite her parents’ disapproval. Is their love strong enough to withstand the trials they’ll encounter along the way?

MMK “Journal” episode also features Mickey Ferriols, Lito Pimintel, Aldred Gatchalian, Lauren Uy, Beauty Gonzales, Hiyasmin Neri, Hermes Bautista, Gileth Sandico, and William Lorenzo. It was researched by Alex Martin, written by Joan Habana, and directed by Raz Dela Torre

Sam Milby, Jessy Mendiola, Mickey Ferriols, Lito Pimentel, Aldred Gatchalian, Lauren Uy, Beauty Gonzales, Hiyasmin Neri, Hermes Bautista, Gileth Sandico, William Lorenzo
    100 Days to Heaven
    Premiere night May 9, 2011
    100 Days to Heaven is  story about chances and forgiveness. It has a star-studded cast headed by the veteran actress Connie Reyes and talented child actress Xyriel Manabat.

    100 Days to Heaven cast also includes Jodi Sta. Maria, Dominic Ochoa, Rafael Rosell, Valerie Concepcion, Smokey Manaloto, Neil Coleta and Louis Abuel. The following celebrities are also taking a special participation in the new series: Shaina Magdayao, Pokwang, Vice Ganda, Sam Milby, Empress, Jason Abalos, Xian Lim, Mark Gil, Felix Roco, Noel Trinidad and Ms. Gloria Romero
      Sam Milby , Vice Ganda, Pokwang, Jason Abalos, Shaina Magdayao, Empress, Xian Lim did ,a special participation for the series 
    Sam Milby - 100 Days to Heaven (2011)

     May 7, 2011.
    Sam Milby and Cristine Reyes paired in MMK 
    Sam plays the role of Charles who has a great passion for music. But a fire leaves Charles severely injured, including his fingers which affects his ability to play the piano. Since then, his self-esteem suffers a great deal and he often has difficulty getting into a serious relationship because of his insecurities. But just when he thought he would never love again, he meets the beautiful Andrea who’ll encourage him to revive his passion for music. But is love enough to make Charles forget about his past heartaches that seemed to have scarred him for life?
    Mara Clara "16 Roses " 
    February 8, 20111
     Kathryn Bernardo, Mara Clara, Primetime Bida, Teleserye
    Sam Milby & 15 other Kapamilya stars celebrated her  16th birthday in February 8, 2011 episode 
    Sixteen of the hottest Kapamilya leading men made Mara shines even more as they dance with her during the 16 roses. They are Sam Milby, Enchong Dee, Jason Abalos, Matteo Guidicelli, Ejay Falcon, Joem Bascon, Robi Domingo , Zaijan Jaranilla, Sam Concepcion, Arron Villaflor, Martin del Rosario, Xian Lim, Joseph Marco, Enrique Gil, Jake Cuenca and Mara's love interest Albie Casiño.

    "Your Song Presents: Kim"
    January 23, 2011
    Kim Chiu as Elena w/ Sam Milby as Ronnie

    Your Song episode marks the first time for Sam and Kim Chiu to act opposite each other.

    The musical TV series of the Pop Star Princess Ms. Sarah Geronimo, the Prince of Romance and the Acoustic Heartthrob Mr. Sam Milby, and the Indie Prince Mr. Coco Martin

    'Precious Hearts Romances: Impostor' 
    Started May 2010
     It was nominated at 2011 International Emmy Awards for Telenovela!
    Starring Sam Milby, Maja Salvador, Melai Cantiveros, Jason Francisco , Lara Quigaman 

    Once dreaming to be beautiful, Devin didn't expect that one day she will stand in front of a mirror with the face of one of the most gorgeous woman that she idolizes - the famous model: Mariz Florencio.
    But it's not only the face of Mariz that she must wear, even Mariz's personality, name and whole being in order for Devin to fulfill an agreement and escape those who are trying to kill her.

    In the process of pretending to be Mariz, Devin will again cross paths with the man of her dreams: Anthony Florencio - the husband of Mariz. What Devin wasn't expecting was by wearing the face of Mariz she will be met with anger and divorce papers by Anthony. She knew then that by consenting to the agreement it is also her duty to fix the life and family that is now hers as Mariz.
    Now that Devin is falling for Anthony and Anthony is learning to love Mariz again, Devin will slowly let go of her character as Mariz that is full of lies, deceit and revenge; she has her own life and world to return to.
    May Bukas Pa,
     22 Dec 2009

    Chapter 33 - Joy
    Father Jose’s way to search for employment, he tries his luck in a job opening at Boss Jeff’s house. Surprisingly, he instantly gets the job after the said employer brusquely fires the newly hired for the particular position. Incidentally, Boss Jeff is pretty notorious among his employees. Apparently, he is vastly cruel to them, most especially to those who work in his toy store.
    Sam Milby as Jeff - commonly being called as "Boss Jeff", a crippled owner of a very known toy store. Jeff was said to have been abused as a child causing him to lose his ability to walk this cause him to be mean to his workers.
    Spanky Manikan as Mino - Buboy's father. Jeff's personal driver and housekeeper.
    Ketchup Eusebio as Buboy - Jeff's assistant manager for the toystore.
    Pokwang as Amy - a woman who gave some ice cream in a church choir. She claims that Santino healed a friend of hers before.

    Your Song: Someone To Love, late 2009 

    After the success of the movie And I Love You So, the team-up of Bea Alonzo and Sam Milby returns in Your Song Presents Someone to Love. Bea plays the role of Melissa, a career woman who is jilted by her fiancé because everything takes second place to her flourishing bag business. Sam portrays a frustrated actor named Morrie who’s eventually forced to apply as Melissa’s secretary. After he easily gets accepted because of his fluency in English, Morrie soon discovers that his boss is not just a slave driver, but also the kind of girl who doesn’t know how to have fun.

    His personal life is no better than hers though since his girlfriend’s snobbish mother doesn’t approve of him. Things get complicated when he pretends to be the boss in the company where he works just so his girlfriend won’t leave him. But after he introduces Melissa as his assistant, he becomes jobless again in less than a week. In his desperation, Morrie follows Melissa to her home and begs her to get his job back.

    Will Melissa forgive him and take him back? Find out how these two end up with an interesting ex-deal this Sunday on Your Song Presents Someone To Love 

    Only You 
    Started on April 27, 2009  at ABS-CBN Channel 2.
    Angel Locsin as Jillian
    Sam Milby as TJ
    Diether Ocampo as Jonathan
    Iya Villania as Trixie
    sam milby pictures Sam Milby only you youtube video only you video only you episode 1 Only You Jillian episode 1 only you diether ocampo pictures Diether Ocampo angel locsin videos angel locsin pics Angel Locsin  Episode 1 of Only You Free Online Video Streaming picture

    Despite her mother's protests, Jillian (Angel Locsin) pursues her dream of becoming a famous chef by joining a cooking contest where she gets a chance to study culinary arts in different Asian countries. Before anyone can stop her, she is already on her way to Korea together with her long-time best friend, Jonathan (Diether Ocampo). But it soon becomes clear to her that skill alone is not enough to make her pass such a difficult course. So in her desperate attempt to succeed and create a good life for her family, she goes in search for a woman who can teach her a winning recipe.

    Then she crosses paths with TJ (Sam Milby), an arrogant but wealthy businessman who is looking for his mother, the same woman Jillian is after. They hardly get along yet they eventually end up having a one-night stand as Jillian momentarily makes him forget about his worries about his mom's second marriage. They go their separate ways the next morning after a misunderstanding and it's only later on that Jillian finds out that she's pregnant, which means that she can't continue her studies anymore. 

    Then a twist of fate brings them together again in the Philippines six years after that fateful encounter abroad. Will Jillian be able to face TJ with the fact that she bore him a son? Or will she hate him for destroying her one chance to achieve her dreams?

    Only you was a huge hit in 2009 

    August 2008
    Eighteen-year-old Dyosa is living a normal life as a student, a part-time cosplay model and a loving daughter to her midget parents when she discovers that she is not an ordinary girl. A half-man half-goat appears before Dyosa on her 18th birthday to reveal that Dyosa is actually a goddess, a descendant of Mariang Sinukuan and Bernardo Carpio, who is destined to rule the world of the upper gods.
    Dyosa has to make a choice: Will she heed the call of her destiny and save the dying world of the Philippine gods and goddesses and leave the life she has lived for 18 years? Or will she resist her new role as a goddess and give up her powers to stay in the human world with the mortal she loves?
    Dyosa is a goddess of the four elements which are Water, Air, Fire, and Earth. Anne Curtis' character in Dyosa can transform in to Mermaid (half-fish), a Kentaurides (half-horse or Centaur), or a Siren (half-bird)
    Confirmed cast topbilled alongside Anne Curtis include Sam Milby, Zanjoe Marudo and Luis Manzano.



     Maging Sino Ka Man, Book 2,  started on December 10, 2007. 
    The story begins six months later, after Jackie and Eli's wedding.

    MaginSKM2: Full and Complete Trailer

    Sam Milby Jaime "JB" Roxas Berenguer, a man who has everything, except his freedom. He is the heir apparent to the Roxas Shipping empire, which is now under the helm of his mother, Corazon. He always wants to help is mother, so she could be proud of him. He loves his girlfriend Jackie, but takes for granted and at times doesn't seem to really know her. He was married to Celine Magsaysay, but Celine passes away of cancer. He was in despair and burdened

    ..but is there new hope

    MMK, Pilat (Angelita)

    Date: 2007-10-19

      In this life story, Melody falls in love with Jeffrey, Sam Milby
      Melody is a girl who will do everything for her family. Not only is their father afflicted with an illness, but they also have to deal with their mother\'s abandonment as well. Melody is left with no choice but to put aside her dream, and become the family\'s breadwinner. She earns a living by working as a doctor\'s assistant, and there she meets Jeffrey, her wealthy employer\'s son. However, things soon take a turn for the worse as a tragic incident happens, and Melody is torn between fulfilling her familial obligations and defending herself. What will she do in the end, and will she find love in the process?

    Your song Presents; Ikaw Lamang, 
    September 2, 2007
    Sam Milby and Sitti Navarro
     Sitti was featured in ABS-CBN's "Your Song" where her song "Ikaw Lamang" was the single for the episode she acted in with Sam Milby.(Aired on September 2, 2007). 

    Sam Milby
    photo credits to owner
    A hard-working man disappoints his high-strung, classy girlfriend, and she breaks his heart. Because of a crush, a local singer at the bar helps him realize that singing is his true calling. Will he fall for her too or will he do whatever it takes to bring his ex girlfriend back into his arms??


    Actors: Leandro Munoz, Miguel Vera, Sam Milby. Filmed in San Francisco

    Hindi agad natanggap ni Alex ng ipagtapat sa kanya ng kanyang ama na may kapatid siya sa labas. Hindi pinakitunguhan ng maayos ni Alex si Dave ng manirahan ito sa kanila dahil hindi niya matanggap si Dave. Kalungkutan ang nadarama ng kanilang ama sa tuwing nagtatalo si Alex at Dave. Samantala dahil sa hindi magandang pakikitungo ni Alex kay Dave napagdesiyonan ni Dave na bumalik na lamang ng Pilipinas ngunit bago ang lahat ay natutong magpatawad si Alex ng pangaralan ito ng kanyang ama. Kayat makalipas ang ilang taon ay naging maganda na ang samahan ni Alex at Dave

    Breaking Up is Hard to Do, 
    June 3, 2007

    Viewers are in for a crazy love story as Sam Milby and Pokwang star in Your Song Presents: 'Breaking up Is Hard to Do' 
    The story circles around Gretchen, a rich widow (Pokwang) who has been looking for some love after her husband's death. Ever since then, she has felt self-conscious and unsatisfied. As she chances on Cards, a blind masseur (Sam Milby), things will start to change. 
    Will a blind masseur (Sam Milby) be able to remove all the blockades the widow has developed from her heartaches? Will Cards still accept Gretchen after seeing her physical appearance? 

    Maging Sino Ka Man, Book 1   
    Filipino primetime drama series that premiered on October 9, 2006. Book 1 ended on May 25, 2007

    John Lloyd Cruz as Gabriel “Eli” Davide / Gabriel Hidalgo Roxas.  Eli is a hard-working guy who comes from a poor family. He believes that love can surpass every challenge that may come his way, even his stature in life. An accident and a brutal discovery leads him to taking back what was originally his.
    Bea Alonzo Jacqueline as “Jackie” Madrigal / Princess Davide. As the unica hija of a banking magnate, Jackie is the exact opposite of Eli in terms of status. She tries hard to be the perfect daughter and the perfect girlfriend to JB. She has a loving father, an attentive boyfriend, the looks, the wealth –- and yet, something is still missing from her life.
    Anne Curtis as Celine Magsaysay.  Celine is a strong girl who faces every trial in her life head on. She presents a tough image for everyone to see, but in reality she carries a sadness that she cannot seem to let go. Hidden behind her image of steel is actually a heart of gold.
    Sam Milby as Jaime “JB” Roxas-Berenguer / Samuel. A man who has everything, except his freedom. He is the heir apparent to the Roxas Shipping empire, which is now under the helm of his mother, Corazon. He always wants to help is mother, so she could be proud of him.He loves his girlfriend Jackie, but takes for granted and at times doesn’t seem to really know her.

    A soap opera that tackles intricate filial relationships among the elite and the poor and how the social economic classes respond to each other, longing for love and justice, Maging Sino Ka Man revolves around the lives of four main characters (Eli, Jackie, Celine, and JB) who each are searching for purpose, freedom, and happiness. The soap has been praised both by audiences and critics for its excellent storyline and powerhouse acting.

    maging sino ka man behind the scenes of book 1
    Your Song Presents; I've Fallen In Love, 
    February , 2006
    Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga
    Let yourself go. Fall in love.
    I´ve fallen In Love by  Sam Milby: 
    "there is nothing more complicated than love.
    denial is a game we shoudn't play
    it's hard for me when im trying to forget
    is what we had something that i should regret?
    feelings that will not just go away

    cause ive fallen in love with you

    denial is a game we shouldnt play
    accept the truth and hope the pain goes away
    i know this pain is so hard to bear
    but i can make it through. i know i can
    love makes me deny what i feel deep down inside

    cause ive fallen in love with you"

    Star Magic Presents was a weekly love anthology program
    "Tender Loving Care"September 30, 2006
    Sam Milby and Denise Laurel 
    This is Denise's 1st pro­ject on her re­turn to ABS and Star Magic. I be­lieve this is by far my fa­vorite pair­ing for Denise since re­join­ing ABS-CBN and I think if worked prop­er­ly could be big­ger than any loveteam on ABS right now! 
    Star­ring: Denise Lau­rel Sam Milby Calvin (Sam) is a grad­u­ate of medicine wait­ing for a study grant abroad and pur­sue his med­i­cal pro­fes­sion there along with his cur­rent girl­firend Paula. Be­long­ing to an ex­tend­ed fam­i­ly where he grew up with his grand­par­ents, Calvin while pro­cess­ing his doc­u­ments for the said grant, vol­un­teers as a "care­giv­er" in a local in­sti­tute for the el­der­ly. There he meets Di­anne (Denise), a nurse who just like him is fond of the el­der­ly. 

    They are both as­signed to Lola Cor­ing (Glo­ria Romero) who is known to be the "most dif­fi­cult to deal with" pa­tient in the in­sti­tute. Calvin is able to sur­mount the chal­lenge of tak­ing care of Lola Cor­ing with Di­anne's help, as Lola Cor­ing plays match­mak­er. The two grow clos­er to each other as they find them­selves help­ing Lola Cor­ing find her lost rel­a­tive. The search leads Calvin to re­al­ize that he loves Di­anne and lets go of all his plans abroad with Paula, to the hap­pi­ness of Lola Cor­ing who is re­unit­ed with her rel­a­tive.

    ASAP 2005 -
    Sam Milby is a regular artist of the variety show ASAP 
    He became a heartthrob after leaving the Pinoy Big Brother House in November 2005. 

    It all started here
    Photo credits to owners
    Source ABS CBN

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

4th PMPC Star Awards for Music 2012 Nominees Revealed

Sam Milby is nominated in two categories SONG OF THE YEAR and MALE POP ARTIST OF THE YEAR !

Wish him good luck! 

Here are the nominees: 

4th PMPC Star Awards for Music 2012 Nominees Revealed

The 4th Star Awards for Music by the Philippine Movie Press Club is happening on September 9, 2012, at the Meralco Theater, Ortigas Ave., Pasig City. Check out this year’s nominees.

Here is the official list of nominees for the 2012 Star Awards for Music by the Philippine Movie Press Club, Inc. (PMPC):
Araw Oras Tagpuan /Sponge Cola/Universal Records
Awit Para Sa’Yo/ErikSantos/Star Records
Breathe Again/Jed Madela/Universal Records
Forevermore/Juris/Star Records
No Water, No Moon/Bamboo/PolyEast Records
Outbound/Christian Bautista/Universal Records
Stay Alive/Nina/Universal Records
Breathe Again/Jed Madela/Universal Records
Hindi Kita Iiwan/Sam Milby/Star Records
I’m Already King/Christian Bautista/Universal Records
Kahit Di Mo Sabihin/Juris/Star Records
Kulang Ako Kung Wala Ka/Erik Santos/Star Records
Questions/Bamboo/PolyEast Records
Tambay/Sponge Cola/Universal Records
Aiza Seguerra/Songs from The Vault/Star Records
Angeline Quinto/Fall In Love Again/Star Records
Iveron Violan/In Love/Universal Records
Jaya/All Souled Out/Universal Records
Juris/Forevermore/Star Records
Lea Salonga/The Journey So Far/Ivory Music
Yeng Constantino/Yeng Versions Live/Star Records
Basil Valdez/Self-titled album/Vicor Records
Christian Bautista/Outbound/Universal Records
Erik Santos/Awit Para Sa’Yo/Star Records
Gary Valenciano/With Love/Star Records
Jed Madela/Breathe Again/Universal Records
Martin Nievera/Mga Awit at Damdamin/PolyEast Records
Noel Cabangon/Panaginip/Universal Records
J Brothers/Jamming/Jbrostudios
Mocha Girls/18+Restricted/Bellhaus Entertainment/PlayboyFragrances
MYMP/The Unreleased Acoustic Collection/Galaxy Records
Side A/Side A 25/ Warner Music
Sponge Cola/Araw Oras Tagpuan/Universal Records
The Company/Lighthearted 2/Viva Records
Wonder Gays/Blind Item/D’Concorde Records & LDG Prod. & Ent. RecordingCo.
Awit Para Sa’yo/ErikSantos/Star Records
In Love/Iveron Violan/Universal Records
Outbound/Christian Bautista/Universal Records
Self-titled Album/BasilValdez/Vicor Records
Side A 25/Side A Band/Warner Music
The Journey So Far/Lea Salonga/Ivory Music
With Love/Gary Valenciano/Star Records
Basil Valdez/ Self-titled Album/Vicor Records
Christian Bautista/Outbound/Universal Records
Dingdong Avanzado/Download 25th Anniversary Songbook/Viva Records
Erik Santos/AwitParaSa’Yo/Star Records
Gary Valenciano/With Love/Star Records
Jed Madela/Breathe Again/Universal Records
Sam Milby/Be Mine/Star Records
Angeline Quinto/Fall In Love Again/Star Records
Iveron Violan/In Love/Universal Records
Jaya/All Souled Out/Universal Records
Lea Salonga/The Journey So Far/Ivory Music
Nina/Stay Alive/Universal Records
Rachelle Ann Go/Unbreakable/Viva Records
Sitti/Sessions/Warner Music
CONCERT OF THE YEAR (new category)
In the Company of Side A/ The Company, Side A Band/ Viva Concerts
It’s Complicated / Jose Mari Chan, The Company/ Beginnings at 20 Plus Incorporated/ Star Express
Jose & Wally: A Party for Every Juan / Jose Manalo , Wally Bayola/ APT Entertainment Inc
Martin Nievera:Tribute/ Martin Nievera/ Viva Concerts
Mr. & Mrs. A/ Ogie Alcasid, Regine Velasquez/ Starmedia Entertainment
No Other Concert (Annebisyosa) /Anne Curtis/ Viva Concerts
What Love Is/ Martin Nievera, Sarah Geronimo/ Viva Concerts
Charice (Infinity Tour/ Media Sync Production
Rachelle Anne Go /Seasons of Love/ Viva Concerts
Regine Velasquez/(Mr. & Mrs. A)/ Starmedia Entertainment
Sarah Geronimo /What Love Is) / Viva Concerts
Sharon Cuneta (Once in a Lifetime)/ Viva Concerts
Toni Gonzaga /Toni@10/ Star Events, Erase Plantcenta, Epic Entertainment, Tag Concept
Jose Mari Chan /It’s Complicated/ Beginnings at 20 Plus Inc./ Star Express
Kean Cipriano /One Stage, One Night/ Cross and Arrow Events Management and Beginnings at 20 Plus Inc.
Martin Nievera /Tribute/ Viva Concerts
Ogie Alcasid /Mr. & Mrs. A/ Starmedia Entertainment
Piolo Pascual /Piolo Meets the Maestro, Ryan Cayabyab/ Xclusive Hits and Events,Inc.
Rico Puno (/The Best of Rico J/ Viva Concerts
Jose Manalo & Wally Bayola/Jose & Wally: A Party for Every Juan/ APT Entertainment Inc
Pop Girls /PPop Explosion/ Viva Concerts
Side A /In the Company of Side A/ Viva Concerts
The Company / In the Company of Side A/ Viva Concerts
XLR8 /PPop Explosion/ Viva Concerts
Ako Na Lang/Zia Quizon/PolyEast Records/Directors: Nani Naguit & Pao Santiago Pangan
Disney/Tanya Markova/MCA Music/Director: King Palisoc
Dance/Nina/PolyEast Records/Director: Sean Lim
Kay Tagal Kitang Hinintay/Spongecola/Universal Records/Director:Yan Yuzon
Letting Go/Jamie Rievra/Star Records/Directors: Jeffrey Tan, Yeng Constantino
To Reach You/Anja Aguilar/Viva Records/Director: Monti Parungao
Where Do I Begin/Gary Valenciano/Star Records/Director:Cathy Garcia-Molina
Anna Melissa/Anna Melissa her first album/Smashbox Productions, Inc.
Anne Curtis/Annebisyosa/Viva Records
Bunny/Self-titled Album/PolyEast Records
Ethel Rose/A Life Story/Ecclesiastes Entertainment
Paula Bianca/Self-titled Album/Vicor Records
Raia Quiroz/Raia Quiroz Tara Na!/D’Concorde Records & LDG Prod. & Ent. RecordingCo.
Sheng Belmonte/Self-titled Album/Sony-Ivory Records
Solenn Heusaff/Solenn/MCA Music
Zia Quizon/Self-titled Album/PolyEast Records
Derrick Monasterio/Tween Academy Class of 2012/GMA Records
DJ Joph/Self-titled Album/D’Concorde Records
DK Valdez/It’s All About Love/BWB Records
JM de Guzman/Self-titled Album/Ivory Music
Khen Magat/Self-titled Album/BWB Records
Kristoffer Martin/Tween Academy Class of 2012/GMA Records
Marcelito Pomoy/Duet Yourself/Star Records
Robin Nievera/Robin Nievera Overwait/PolyEast Records
Vice Ganda/Lakas Tama/Vicor Records
Breathe Again/Jed Madela/Universal Records
Lighthearted 2/The Company/Viva Records
Mga Awit at Damdamin/Martin Nievera/PolyEast Records
Self-titled Album/BasilValdez/Vicor Records
Side A 25/Side A/Warner Music
The Journey so far/Lea Salonga/Ivory Music
With Love/Gary Valenciano/Star Records
18+ Restricted/Mocha Girls/Bellhaus Entertainment/PlayboyFragrances
Kendeng Kendeng/Willie Revillame/Viva Records
Solenn/Solenn Heusaff/MCA Music
Araw Oras Tagpuan/Sponge Cola/Universal Records
Dalawang Mukha ng Pag-ibig/Ebe Dancel/Warner Music
Kinse Kalibre/Slapshock/PolyEast Records
No Water, No Moon/Bamboo/PolyEast Records
Romantico/Kamikazee/Universal Records
Self-titled Album/Paula Bianca/Vicor Records
Yeng Versions Live/Yeng Constantino/Star Records
Bamboo/No Water No Moon/PolyEast Records
Ebe Dancel/Dalawang Mukha ng Pag-ibig/Warner Music
Kamikazee/Romantico/Universal Records
Robin Nievera/Overwait/PolyEast Records
Slapshock/Kinse Kalibre/PolyEast Records
Sponge Cola/Araw Oras Tagpuan/Universal Records
Tanya Markova/Shock Pop 2Cd Edition/MCA Music
Cathy Go/Find My Way To You/Mayumi Records
Paula Bianca/ Self-titled Album/Vicor Records
Yeng Constantino/Yeng Versions Live/Star Records
Forvevermore/Juris/Star Records
I Love Acoustic 4/Sabrina/MCA Music
Mad About Acoustic/Davey Langit/Viva Records
Panaginip/Noel Cabangon/Universal Records
Saktong Akustik New Interpretations of OPM’s Certified Hits/Universal Records
Songs from The Vault/Aiza Seguerra/Star Records
Today’s Favorite Love Songs Unplugged 7 (An Acoustic Must-Have)/Ava Santos/Ivory Records
Aiza Seguerra/Songs from the Vault/Star Records
Ava Santos/ Today’s Favorite Love Songs Unplugged 7 (An Acoustic Must-Have)/ Ivory Records
Barbie Almabis/Goodbye My Shadow/12 Stone Records
Juris/ Forvevermore/Star Records
MYMP/ The Unreleased Acoustic Collection/Galaxy Records
Nozomi/Before I Reach Sixteen/PolyEast Records
Sabrina/I Love Acoustic 4/MCA Music
Stephanie Dan/Love to Love Acoustic/Ivory Music
Davey Langit/Mad About Acoustic 2/Viva Records
Jay Perillo/Self -titled Album/Viva Records
JM de Guzman/ Self -titled Album/Ivory Music
Noel Cabangon/Panaginip/Universal Records
Paolo Santos/How Sweet It Is/Ivory Records
Breathe Again/Jed Madela/ Universal Records
Mga Awit at Damdamin/Martin Nievera/Poly East Records
No Water, No Moon/Bamboo/Poly East Records
Outbound/Christian Bautista/Universal Records
With love/Gary Valenciano/Star Records
Yeng Versions Live/Yeng Constantino/Star Records
Zia Quizon/Self-titled/PolyEast Records
40 Most Requested Love Songs/MCA Music
Original Artist OPM I Love/Viva Records
Pinoy Alternatib/Ivory Music
Pinoy Senti Hits All Original Artists/ Ivory Music
ThePearlCollection, 30 Years of the Most Memorable Theme Songs/ Viva Records
Toni Gonzaga Greatest Hits/ Star Records
Walang Hanggan/Star Records
Blind Item/Wonder Gays/D’Concorde Records & LDG Prod. & Ent. RecordingCo.
Kendeng Kendeng/Willie Revillame/Viva Records
Blind Item/Wonder Gays/D’Concorde Records & LDG Prod. & Ent. RecordingCo.
Kendeng Kendeng/Willie Revillame/Viva Records
Jose Mari Chan
Boy Christopher (Composer)
Gary Valenciano
Kuh Ledesma
Lea Salonga
Lito Camo (Composer)
Martin Nievera
Ogie Alcasid
Pops Fernandez
Regine Velasquez
Sharon Cuneta
Vehnee Saturno (Composer)
Zsa Zsa Padilla
The 4th Star Awards for Music is set to air on September 16, 2012 in ABS-CBN’s “Sunday’s Best”.
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