Sam Milby

Sam Milby

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sam Milby´s "Hindi Kita Iiwan" for favorite mellow video!

The MYX Music Awards 2012 race is on! The fate of your favorite artists and videos is in your hands. Fans' online votes will account for 60% of the final tally so cast your votes now. You can only vote once per category per day per platform (, Facebook, Twitter). Voting period is from February 8 to March 9.

Please vote Sam Milby´s "Hindi Kita Iiwan" for favorite mellow video!

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#mma2012 I am voting for HINDI KITA IIWAN – SAM MILBY (DIRECTOR: TREB MONTERAS) for Favorite Mellow Video .

Tweets of the day!

@samuelmilby Just finished sound check for the concert here in Reno... now watching supercross while waiting :) too bad Chad Reed is out #SXonSpeed

@samuelmilby Dont know if having a starbucks here inside the hotel is a good or bad thing... already on my 3rd cup

@samuelmilby Excited to hangout with the Mobs :) thanks to @Ate_Len and @KuyahVil for the ride from Sacramento airport to Reno

@samuelmilby What a great race! Congrats to KTM's @ryandungey in his second win of the season

@samuelmilby grabe this hotel has everything... starbucks, casino, bowling alley, movie theatre, even has an airplane sa stage ng kabilang concert hall!

@samuelmilby About to finish the concert... daming tao nanonood. Congrats to Angeline at salamat sa lahat ng mga kapamilya dito sa Reno

@samuelmilby Reunion with the Milby Mobs :)

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Sam Milby dreams to conquer Hollywood

Sam Milby dreams to conquer Hollywood

He arrived in New York on a Wednesday. By Thursday, he was done with two auditions. That Saturday, he was on yet another ‘Welcome to New York’ dinner tendered by his friends. Such is the life of Sam Milby.

The singer-actor left the Philippines temporarily to settle in New York and see what opportunities are in store for him in the land of his birth. Born in Ohio, Sam was on a vacation in the Philippines when showbiz there beckoned.

He started with print and some TV commercials. Then his big break happened: Pinoy Big Brother on ABS-CBN. He wasn’t in the original cast, but as his luck would have it, someone had to leave the show and the producers were looking for a replacement. He was one of the last people to the audition. Lady luck smiled at this 20-year-old balikbayan from America.

Then came the eviction. It was between him and fellow cast member Jayson Gainza. The housemate who would be evicted was decided through text votes from fans all over the Philippines. When Sam heard his name called, cutting his short-lived stint in the Big Brother house, he shrugged and thought it was all over. He felt nobody liked him and nobody voted for him, that was why he was evicted.

Little did he know that quite the opposite happened.

“I really thought back then that the fans hated me, that they didn’t want to see me in the show. I couldn’t reconcile what I was feeling that moment with what I was seeing when I went out of the Big Brother house and there were lots of people screaming my name,” Sam recalled during the welcome dinner tendered by his friends.

The rest, as the cliché goes, is history, Sam’s history. His meteoric rise to fame brought him lead roles in teleseryes, movies, endorsements, concerts and a recording career to boot. He was everywhere.

Somewhere along the way, Sam began entertaining thoughts of making it in Hollywood.

This year, armed with a renewed sense of self-confidence, Sam packed his bags and moved to the Big Apple. He is currently being represented by The Gersh Agency, one of the top agencies in the entertainment industry today.

“I am definitely liking it here. I’m quite excited to see all the auditions I’ll be doing. I am looking forward to the challenges that I’d be facing here. In the Philippines, I only had one audition, PBB. It’s like I am starting all over. It’s going to be a fun journey for me,” he said, looking forward to the next three to four months of his life.

This is the period in the entertainment industry called the “pilot season”. This is when producers cast their new shows, after which they will shoot a pilot episode which will be given to networks. The networks then pick up a show and orders a few episodes, which will then premiere in the fall. If viewers love the show, then the network can order a full season from the producers. If not, then it gets cancelled.

Even with numerous films and teleseryes tucked under his belt, Sam somehow yearned for more.

“It is every actor’s dream is to make it big in Hollywood. At first, I didn’t entertain the thought because I knew it was hard, it was like finding a needle in the haystack. Then the opportunity presented itself,” he shared.

The opportunity that Sam is talking about happened during the New York leg of the Star Magic tour in 2010. Ritz Brinas, the concert producer and her husband Mario had friends who were network executives who watched the show at Lincoln Center, and were impressed by Sam. Again, as luck would have it, they were looking for Asian actors who spoke English fluently. Sam was eventually invited for a meeting, a couple of interviews and audition.

“We are happy and proud to help Sam. The opportunity to bring Filipino talent to the world’s stage is something you cannot just disregard,” Ms. Brinas said. “Sam is ready to tackle Hollywood because of his passion to succeed. It is his natural progression from his growth in the Philippines.”

The timing was perfect, although Sam had to say no to some projects that his mother network had lined up for him.

In between the hefty meal and the sumptuous desserts, Sam opened his heart and shared his thoughts on this recent move, including his fears.

“Like most people, I do have fears. I gave up a soap and a movie for the opportunity to be here. It has been a long time since I had a teleserye and I was looking forward to doing my next one but then, I chose to be here,” he said.

Sam was supposed to be a part of the teleserye Alta, starring Gretchen Barretto, KC Concepcion and Luis Manzano and in a still-untitled Star Cinema film with Bea Alonzo.

With his feet firmly planted on the ground and slowly but surely believing in himself more, Sam has found ways to allay these fears.

For that, he has his family and friends to thank.

Friends from Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles flew in for the welcome dinner prepared specially for him. Most of them began as supporters who followed Sam in his concert tours here in the US years ago. They have formed a solid bond among each other that they already consider each other as family.

“Sam is one of the nicest actors in Philippine entertainment. He is kind, generous and humble. At times you forget he is a big movie star from the Philippines but he does not act like that at all. He works very hard and is eager to learn,” Ritz explained. “Being here in New York is quite exciting and different for Sam but like he said in his other interviews, if he doesn’t nail a tv series this season, he is still thankful for the opportunity. And if he does, no one deserves it more than Sam Milby.”

“I am very thankful. Grabe talaga yung support nila. I totally feel the love. They definitely made this transition easier,” Sam said.

For now, it is all about the auditions. According to Ritz, he’s had 8 auditions to date with CW, ABC and HBO, majority are for lead roles. “Feedbacks are positive so hopefully he’ll get a follow-up. But there are a lot more auditions in the next few weeks,” she quipped.

Sam thinks he has figured this new chapter in his life. Whatever happens, he believes, will make him stronger than he is now.

“Even if I don’t get a project in the three and a half months that I will be staying here, I know I will be a better person because of this experience. I also know that I will come back to try again, kung walang mangyari this year,” he said.

Such is the drive of this young man who practically became an overnight sensation in his mother’s homeland. Everything was handed to him on a silver platter.

“Before PBB, I wasn’t an actor, I wasn’t a singer. Then it all happened so fast. I never really believed in myself before. I know it’s hard to believe but that’s the truth,” he said, smiling at the fact that we were in almost disbelief.

Indeed, it is hard to imagine someone like Sam Milby having bouts with his own insecurities. Maybe he should give himself more credit because as an actor, he appears bursting with the right amount of self-confidence every time.

It could be that the years he spent in Philippine showbusiness taught him lessons on believing in himself more than anything else, something that wasn’t taught even in the finest schools.

“The first couple of years are totally a blur, complete blur. They made me so busy that I was averaging an hour of sleep a night. I barely slept at all. I was on auto-pilot, almost on a zombie-mode. It was too much at that time. I can’t complain though because I got a lot of blessings there,” Sam shared.

Asked what advice he would give his younger self knowing what he knows now, Sam quipped, “Learn Tagalog, and believe in yourself more.”

So I asked him back, ‘When did you start to believe in yourself more?’ and with a smile, Sam responded, ‘When that happens, I will let you know.’

That is the Sam Milby in a nutshell: audacious and a bit daring, with just enough bravado and chutzpah to make it big in this industry.


Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sam´s arrival to Alaska

SAM's arrival in Alaska terminal ...

 with Ms. Olive Zarate

Galit sa King Crab? ... @samuelmilby 

Sam with Angeline after the meet & greet.

at the meet and greet
credits to Olive Zarate


Written by adminFeatured News, News HighlightsFeb 18, 2012
By Don Tagala, ABS-CBN North America Bureau
Feb. 20, 2012

NEW YORK- Filipino-American singer and actor Sam Milby is in a New York state of mind.

Like many ambitious young people chasing their dream in the Big Apple, Milby was lured to the city of great challenges and opportunities.

The challenge: To land a lead role in a show that could be a hit series on National TV.

The opportunity: Sam’s agent has already booked him to do several casting auditions including one for Warner Brothers.

Sam Milby said, “I still get nervous. I can see myself doing this. It’s a little out of my character, but the people at the network think it’s right for me.”

Like many New Yorkers, a pit stop at a local Starbucks is a must to start his day right.

But Filipinos know that Milby is not an ordinary New Yorker.
A family from Teaneck, New Jersey immediately recognized the Filipino star.

Sylvia Figeroa said, “My God, he’s so handsome, good luck, God bless you Sam on your auditions, hope you get it.”

After studying the script for his audition, Sam walks to the Warner Brothers office in Manhattan for his afternoon appointment.

Standing in front of the Warner Brothers lobby, Sam said, “For me, I find this to be a very important audition, it’s a big audition. Let’s hope it goes well, I guess I’ll see you guys later and let you know how it went, alright. Bye, wish me luck.”

Unlike other actors auditioning for the part, Sam has already proven himself to millions of viewers from the Philippines.

“The Philippines has a lot of great talent, it’s like sometimes you just hope that other people from other places around the world can see how skilled they are and how they can compete with talent in New York, for instance.” Filipino Foreign Student at NYU, Katrina Yap said, “It’s really nice to see someone’s journey from the Philippines to being like a world-wide actor, we’re so proud of him.”

After an hour or so, Sam came out of his audition with a smile on his face and two thumbs up.

“I think it went well, I feel good about it and she seems happy, so I’m excited,” Sam said, “Hopefully, I get a call soon.”

After the big audition, Sam heads back to his Brooklyn apartment, study his next script and get ready for another round of auditions.
Just another day in the life of an actor—wanting to make it in New York.

You may contact Don Tagala at for more information.

Teleserye Bida Tour Live in Chicago April 1, 2012

Berce Enterprises
Due to the overwhelming response after the announcement of the Chicago show we have decided to move The Teleserye Bida Show to Copernicus Theater on April 1 to accommodate more people! Thank you very much for your continued support.

Sam Milby and Iya Villania for Unisilver Time

credits to owner

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Angeline flies to US for concert tour | ABS-CBN News

Angeline flies to US for concert tour | ABS-CBN News

MANILA, Philippines - Singer Angeline Quinto left for the United States on Friday for her "The Dream Tour 2012" concerts.
"Boarding na kami. Ingat kayo. Ipagdasal niyo ako ha. Mamimiss ko kayo :) nood kayo Asap ha nandun padin ako hehe. Godbless," Quinto said on Twitter a few hours ago.
Quinto will perform at the West High School Auditorium in Anchorage, Alaska on Sunday, February 19.
On February 25 and 26, the singer will be at Grand Sierra Resort Casino in Reno and at Juneau Centennial Hall, respectively.
Quinto will be joined by Sam Milby as her special guest performer. Milby is also in the US to pursue his Hollywood dream.
"Dati ko pang pangarap na makapunta doon (sa US). Sabi ko nga po kahit hindi ako kakanta, basta po parang pasyal lang po ay natupad naman awa ng Diyos. So kailangang magdala ng maraming pangginaw hindi ba po? Lalo ako na kumakanta kailangang ingatan ang boses dahil medyo mahina ako sa lamig talaga," Quinto told ABS-CBN News before leaving Manila.

Sam Milby on TFC Balitang America auditioning in NY

credits to owner

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Sam Milby for Tupperware Brands

Sam Milby for Tupperware Brands :)

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Friday, 10 February 2012

Picture of Sam Milby

Credits to Ritz Brinas.

As promised, here's one pic of @samuelmilby -- he misses you all too

Sam Milby, rubbing elbows with Brooklyn Decker sa New York

Posted by Online Balita on Feb 10th, 2012 
Ni Reggee Bonoan
NAKATANGGAP kami ng balita mula sa Brooklyn, New York na halos araw-araw ay sumasalang sa auditions si Sam Milby simula nu’ng dumating siya sa US nu’ng Pebrero 1.
Apat na TV series ang pinagaudition-an ni Sam na hindi pa raw puwedeng banggitin ang mga titulo.
Pero nalaman namin kung kailan nagsimulang umere ang mga ito. `Yung isa ay family drama na nagumpisa nu’ng Setyembre 26, 2011, kasunod ang love story na nu’ng 1987 pa napapanood at nakailang version na, mag-uumpisa pa lang ngayong 2012 ang isa pa na ipapalit ng programang tungkol sa superhero na namaalam na kamakailan, at isa pang hindi na namin nakuha ang detalye.
Kinabahan si Sam sa unang araw sa audition, at feeling niya ay hindi niya naibigay ang best niya pero sa tatlong sumunod ay relaxed na ang aktor.
Bago pa man umalis, sinabi ni Sam na suntok sa buwan ang pagpunta niya sa New York dahil hindi siya sure kung makakapasa siya sa auditions.
Pero curious kami sa nalaman namin na sagot pala ng talent agency na may hawak kay Sam sa US ang tinitirhan niyang apartment sa may Willsburg Street, Brooklyn kasama na ang pagkain at iba pang mga gastusin niya.
Samakatuwid, may paglalagyan na si Sam sa anumang TV series na pinag-audition-an niya dahil kung wala ay hindi gagastos ang agency sa kanya.
Tinawagan namin ang Cornerstone talent agency ni Sam dito sa Pilipinas, at ayon sa kanyang road manager na si Caress Caballero, “Ay, birthmate, hindi ko po alam `yang mga `yan. Wala pang sinasabi si Sam sa amin, hindi pa siya tumatawag, feeling namin busy.“
Tsinek naming ang Twitter account ni Samuel Milby at wala naman siyang ibinalita bukod sa nakilala raw niya ang crush niyang si Brooklyn Decker: “Just met one of my biggest crushes. The gorgeous, Brooklyn Decker.“
Sinagot naman ito ng American fashion model/actress ng, “I completely bombarded your meeting! Err whoops! Nice meeting you!“
Ginantihan ito ni Sam ng, “Haha no worries… please feel free to drop in on the next meeting too :) we’re neighbors btw. I grew up in Tipp City about 20 mins away from Kettering (Ohio).“
Susme, ilang araw pa lang itong alaga ni Erickson Raymundo sa New York, may prospect na kaagad?
Anyway, ang sinabi lang sa amin ni Caress, “Sa Linggo birthmate, susunod si Erickson kay Sam para malaman niya kung ano na ang development sa auditions niya at hayaan mo, babalitaan ka namin.“
Promise `yan, Caress!

MYX Music Awards 2012 Nominees.


Favorite Music Video
· 20/20 – Pupil (Director: Jason Tan)
· Gaano Ko Ikaw Kamahal – Itchyworms (Director: King Palisoc)
· Hey Daydreamer – Somedaydream (Director: Bianca King & Envo Valdez)
· Pangarap Lang Kita – Parokya Ni Edgar Feat. Happee Sy (Director: Avid Liongoren)
· Pera Pera – Sandwich (Director: Marie Jamora)

Favorite Song
· 20/20 – Pupil
· Ako Na Lang – Zia Quizon
· Hey Daydreamer – Somedaydream
· Pangarap Lang Kita – Parokya Ni Edgar Feat. Happee Sy
· Walang Natira – Gloc-9 Feat. Sheng Belmonte

Favorite Artist
· Christian Bautista
· Gloc-9
· Parokya Ni Edgar
· Somedaydream
· Yeng Constantino

Favorite Female Artist
· Karylle
· Kyla
· Sarah Geronimo
· Yeng Constantino
· Zia Quizon

Favorite Male Artist
· Bamboo
· Christian Bautista
· Gloc-9
· Sam Concepcion
· Somedaydream

Favorite Group
· Itchyworms
· Parokya Ni Edgar
· Pupil
· Slapshock
· Sponge Cola

Favorite Mellow Video
· Hindi Kita Iiwan – Sam Milby (Director: Treb Monteras)
· Kay Tagal Kitang Hinintay – Sponge Cola (Director: Yan Yuzon)
· Lagi – Kiss Jane (Director: J. Pacena)
· Wag Mo Na Munang Sabihin – Sitti (Director: Rember Gelera)
· Wala Na Tayo – Bbs Feat. Kean Cipriano (Director: J. Pacena)

Favorite Rock Video
· 20/20 – Pupil (Director: Jason Tan)
· Halik – Kamikazee (Director: Avid Liongoren)
· Ngayon Na – Slapshock (Director: Team Manila)
· Pera Pera – Sandwich (Director: Marie Jamora)
· Unbelievable – Chicosci (Director: Tower Of Doom / Paolo Ruiz)

Favorite Urban Video
· Ain’t A Crime – Amber Davis (Director: Luis Daniel Tabuena)
· Connection – Chelo A, Q-York & Jay R (Director: Treb Monteras)
· Elmer – Gloc-9 Feat. Jaq Dionisio & Jomal Linao (Director: J. Pacena)
· Heartbreaker – Mobbstarr (Director: Ace Villena)
· Kaibigan Lang (Remix) – Young Jv

Favorite New Artist
· Angeline Quinto
· Ebe Dancel
· Solenn
· Somedaydream
· Zia Quizon

Favorite Collaboration
· Meron Akong Ano – Kamikazee Feat. Chito Miranda, Reg Rubio & Ian Tayao
· One Hit Combo – Parokya Ni Edgar Feat. Gloc-9
· Pawiin – Bbs Feat. Kean Cipriano & Jay Durias
· Sari-Saring Kuwento – Champ Feat. Noel Cabangon & Gloc-9
· Walang Natira – Gloc-9 Feat. Sheng Belmonte

Favorite Remake
· Fire – Solenn
· Forever Young – Sam Concepcion
· Gaano Ko Ikaw Kamahal – Itchyworms
· Love Moves In Mysterious Ways – Christian Bautista Feat. Kris Aquino
· Unbelievable – Chicosci

Favorite Media Soundtrack
· Bumuhos Man Ang Ulan – Jericho Rosales (Green Rose)
· Fallin’ – Sarah Geronimo (Catch Me I’m In Love)
· I’m Already King – Christian Bautista (A Special Symphony)
· Kahit Walang Sabihin – Rico Blanco (Imortal)
· Where Do I Begin – Gary Valenciano (In The Name Of Love)

Favorite Guest Appearance In A Music Video
· Alodia Gosengfiao (All That’s Left – Christian Bautista)
· Enrique Gil (Ako Na Lang – Zia Quizon)
· Jasmine Curtis (Hey Daydreamer – Somedaydream)
· Jm De Guzman (Pangarap Lang Kita – Parokya Ni Edgar Feat. Happee Sy)
· Kuya Kim & Eugene Domingo (Wala Na Tayo – Bbs Feat. Kean Cipriano)

Favorite Myx Celebrity Vj
· Enchong Dee
· Kean Cipriano
· Rocksteddy
· Sam Concepcion
· Somedaydream

Favorite Myx Live Performance
· Ebe Dancel
· Juris
· Kyla
· Parokya Ni Edgar
· Pupil

Favorite International Video
· Born This Way – Lady Gaga
· Firework – Katy Perry
· Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5 Feat. Christina Aguilera
· The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars
· What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction

Favorite K-Pop Video
· Break Down – Kim Hyun Joong
· Lonely – 2ne1
· Mr. Simple – Super Junior
· The Boys – Girls’ Generation
· Tonight – Big Bang

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