Sam Milby

Sam Milby

Monday, 29 September 2014

Film review: The Gifted Dark comedy with a clever twist
By Mario E. Bautista

MANILA, Philippines - The Gifted shows how important it is to have a good cast. Its offbeat humor is not your usual slapstick kind of local comedy. But for this type of dark comedy to really work, it needs actors who are willing to push the boundaries and can afford to be both ludicrous and sympathetic.

In The Gifted, Anne Curtis, Cristine Reyes and Sam Milby are given the latitude to do some fun stuff with their characters while also playing to their strengths. The movie is a wickedly cold-hearted tale of jealousy and revenge, a clever dark comedy with a twist which we won’t dare discuss here so as not to spoil your viewing pleasure. Watch it, then tell us if you saw it coming. We didn’t. Not right away. But if you’d go back to the opening scene that frames the story...

Ostensibly, The Gifted is about the rivalry of two friends from grade school, the rich girl Zoe Tuason (Anne Curtis) and the working class Aica Tabayoyong (Cristine Reyes). Both highly intelligent, Zoe is grossly overweight (Anne wears a fat suit like Gwyneth Paltrow in Shallow Hal) and Aica is plain ugly so they’re both outcasts who have no choice but to gravitate toward each other. Sadly, the friendship eventually turns to hatred when Zoe becomes envious of Aica’s being always No. 1 in class. It will go to absurd proportions when Zoe manipulates a handsome classmate, Mark (Sam Milby), to distract Aica from her studies. Failing in this, she resorts to violence and even tries to kill Aica later on. 

The movie is reminiscent of such dark comedies as Robert Zemeckis’ Death Becomes Her where Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn are the rivals, and George Cukor’s Rich and Famous where Jacqueline Bisset and Candice Bergen are the rivals.

The reason The Gifted works so well is that writer-director Chris Martinez succeeds in getting uniformly excellent performances from the whole cast, from the leads Anne, Cristine and Sam to the supporting cast, mainly the parents: Arlene Muhlach and Ricky Rivero as Anne’s pushy oversized parents, and Candy Pangilinan and Dominic Ochoa as Cristine’s parents from whom she gets her unruly bushy eyebrows and crooked teeth. The two girls who played Anne and Cristine as grade schoolers should also be commended.

This is Sam’s most outstanding performance in his entire career. He is not only well-photographed here and comes out every inch the perfect-looking leading man, but he also does so well delivering all his Tagalog lines with a Visayan accent.


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Sam at One Kapamilya Go in Sydney!

By @whengcorpuz "#OKGOSydney2014 @samuelmilby..

By @whengcorpuz "The teen queen and the rockoustic hearthrob @bernardokath and @samuelmilby #lulubabies

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By @whengcorpuz "Happening now in rosehill garden. Meet and greet with @samuelmilby @bernardokath #garyv #doris #sabel #klarisse" 

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by @AngeliPV 
4 artists attacking Italian food after #OKGOSydney2014 @Klarissedguzman @GaryValenciano1 @samuelmilby @bernardokath

by @AngeliPV
#Caught @samuelmilby and @GaryValenciano1 eating the leftover dessert of @bernardokath & @ghegb #OKGOSydney2014 


Thursday, 25 September 2014

A LOOK BACK: Male celebrities in previous Cosmo Bachelor Bash shows
posted on Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Men rule during the Cosmo Bachelor Bash, where celebrities and models showcase their ripped bodies and washboard abs in one fashion show.

In time for the Cosmo Bash 69, let's take a look at some of the male celebrities, who have participated in this annual event in previous years.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

"One Kapamilya Go!" Oslo, Norway September 20, 2014

By @samuelmilby "Beautiful day in Norway #TFC #OneKapamilyaGo"

By @lulumromero "Welcome to OSLO @samuelmilby !"

The Gifted stars, why so happy?

By Viva TV> Catch the buzz behind another VIVA box-office hit, The Gifted. The happy stars of the film, Anne Curtis, Sam Milby and Cristine Reyes had so much to say about the success of their movie and their ever supportive fans. The whole scoop right here on Ano'ng Ganap!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sam Milby for star magic catalogue 2015

By @whengcorpuz "@samuelmilby for star magic catalogue 2015. Grab your copy now!

Some pictures of today..

by @push_mina Social media frenzy today sa @diana_stalder opening with @DimplesRomana and @samuelmilby!

By @starmagicphils "@samuelmilby #DianaStalderStoreOpening

By @cornerstone_tmc "@cornerstone_tmc hunks @jerichorosalesofficial & @samuelmilby on #ASAPWow! @asapofficial

By @cornerstone_tmc "Iya @samuelmilby Nikki & @jerichorosalesofficial on @asapofficial chillout! ..

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

By Cornerstone Talent Management Center
@samuelmilby makiki-fiesta sa Claver, Surigao del Norte! See you sa Claver Sports Plaza Sept 9, 7pm! #townfiesta @starmagicphils

Monday, 8 September 2014

Sam Milby - Aica's Man - "The Gifted" interview

By Viva TV 
Published on Sep 8, 2014
Bakit nga ba na-in love ang character ni Cristine Reyes kay Mark Ferrer? The Gifted star Sam Milby shares his role and excitement for this blockbuster film. Get ready to be entertained by dark comedy from start to finish and enjoy the clever narrative of this movie only in cinemas. The Gifted NOW SHOWING.
For more The Gifted videos:

Movie review

By Dolly Anne Carvajal
Philippine Daily Inquirer
September 8, 2014

A ‘B’ for ‘Gifted’

We gave Viva Films’ “The Gifted” a grade of B at the Cinema Evaluation Board. Anne Curtis and Cristine Reyes’ lines are powerful, “Facebook status” material. The transformations of Anne’s character from an obese nerd to a femme fatale, and Cristine’s character from a pimply geek to a drop-dead gorgeous teacher, are fine examples of women empowerment.

Director Chris Martinez talks about the movie:

Why should we watch “The Gifted”?

It’s a fun, wicked and sexy movie!

Share some interesting sidelights during the shoot.

It took us a long time to finish because all my actors are so in demand. They all have TV shows. I was able to finish two films between shoots. It was also a good thing that we didn’t rush and made sure it came out polished.

How did Anne adjust to the fat suit?

Anne had to endure five hours of prosthetics work. The prosthetics can only be worn for two hours since it will sag because of the sweat and heat. So we really had to act fast and plan the shots properly.

What are the strengths of Anne, Sam and Cristine as actors?

Anne has amazing chemistry with Sam. I have not seen their past movies so the first time I shot them in a scene together I told myself, “’Yun pala ang magic nila kapag magkasama.” Anne and Cristine naman, tried and tested na ’yan kasi I watched “No Other Woman” and saw how they ignited the screen when they’re in a scene together. Overall, I am thankful that I worked with the hottest, most cooperative actors today.

Sunday, 7 September 2014


Please, vote Sam Milby for the Best Dressed Male at the 8th Star Magic Ball:

Sam Milby at the red carpet "Star Magic Ball" 2014

by PeP "Sam Milby looked like a true gentleman in his grey suit.
Photography: Noel Orsal "

Primetime heartthrob Sam Milby kasama sa #8thstarmagicball ng @starmagicphils

By @powercaressing "With our Samsam @samuelmilby wearing #hugoboss suit tonight! #8thstarmagicball @starmagicphils @cornerstone_tmc

By @nhilanhils "@samuelmilby #8thStarMagicBall"

By @rexatienza "HUGO BOSS. On @samuelmilby at last night's #starmagicball2014 #8thstarmagicball. #styledbyrexatienza @stylelistinc @joannagee. #sammilby #hugoboss @ssilifeph. Thanks #ssi @malufrancisco @gailcowper @lizadrilonluna for the help. #stylelistinc"

By @whengcorpuz "#8thstarmagicball thank you @rexatienza @stylistinc #hugoboss"

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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Pictures of Anne Curtis, Sam Milby and Cristine Reyes at The Gifted premiere night

via PeP

please, check out all the pictures here:

The Gifted Premiere Night (SM Megamall)

Via Viva ent.

Published on Sep 3, 2014
After Glorietta, the lead cast of The Gifted Anne Curtis, Sam Milby, and Cristine Reyes with Direk Chris Martinez catch up with the crowd of SM Megamall.

Watch the whole happening in the Red Carpet Night of The Gifted!
Now Showing in cinemas nationwide!

The Gifted Premiere Night (Glorietta)

via Viva Ent.

Published on Sep 3, 2014
September 2, 2014 was the Premiere Night of the much-awaited dark comedy film of the year, The Gifted starring Anne Curtis, Cristine Reyes, and Sam Milby. Directed by Chris Martinez!

'The Gifted' holds successful premiere

by ABS-CBNNews
Fans and supporters flocked to the red carpet premiere of the movie "The Gifted" starring Cristine Reyes, Sam Milby and Anne Curtis.

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Anne Curtis, Cristine Reyes and Sam Milby for The Gifted

via Viva TV

The Gifted Now Showing

Starring Anne Curtis, Cristine Reyes, Sam Milby
Written and Directed by: Chris Martinez

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Sam Milby, kapuri-puri na ang akting!

May reason si Sam na ma*ging masaya dahil positive ang mga feedback sa performance niya sa The Gifted.

Convincing ang portrayal ni Sam bilang Mark Ferrer, ang classmate na ginamit ni Zoe Tuazon para ito at hindi si Aica Tabayoyong ang tanghalin na school valedictorian.

Napansin namin na diretso na ang pagsasalita ni Sam ng Tagalog at importante ang role niya sa The Gifted dahil siya ang ugat ng pagkakasira ng malalim na friendship nina Zoe at Aica. Ang karakter ni Sam sa The Gifted ang nagbigay ng surprise revelation sa ending ng pelikula.

The Gifted red carpet premiere night

by Viva_films The Gifted Red Carpet premiere night with the lead cast Anne Curtis, Sam Milby and Cristine Reyes and Director Chris Martinez. Opens tomorrow! #TheGifted

all photo credits to owners

Congratulations S for the successfull premiere night 
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