Sam Milby

Sam Milby

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Sam Milby recharged and stronger than ever in Men’s Health September issue
Sam Milby: “If I look at myself back, when I was 21 or 22, I’m completely different than I am now. I’m growing up so much and I feel like I have so much more growing up that I still have to do within the next 5 years.”

Filipino-American heartthrob Sam Milby once again graces the cover of Men’s Health in its September issue.

During his third cover shoot for the magazine at Ultimate Fitness Gym, Metrowalk last July 18, he sat with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) to share how he got his buff bod back in shape and how he’s been doing with his career and love life.

“It’s my third time, so it’s nothing new but at the same time… grabe yung privilege to be on the cover of Men’s Health," the Kapamilya actor said.

“It’s something not everyone gets to do. It means that you are [in] a good lifestyle. You’re able to stay fit and stay healthy.”

When asked about how he has been preparing for the shoot and getting his body toned, Sam replied, “I wish I can lie and say I prepared, but I didn’t. I was much more prepared siguro last time and mas lalo the time before.

“And it seems like, as I’m getting older, mas nagiging lazy ako. That’s why I’m more strict on my diet now because I don’t go to the gym as much, I don’t work out as much.

“What I normally do now, I just started again for the last three weeks. I’ll just do a few push-ups and sit-ups bago maligo in the morning and that’s it. And then diet.”

FIGHT TO BE FIT. On every cover shoot for the magazine, Sam Milby has shown different sides of his lifestyle and enthusiasm for physically-demanding sports. He shared his new fascination for a more intense sport–Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

“I think the first issue, mas [may] pagka-lifestyle yung ginawa namin. The second one was about my favorite sport, motocross. And this one is, obviously, all about MMA. So, iba-iba lagi.”

His love for sports goes way back—from figure skating during his childhood to wrestling, motocross, karate and other physical activities.

“Ako I like those, I’ve always been into the physical sports where, yung gano'n, like motocross, you really have to be physical and may adrenaline.

“I did wrestling in high school, I did karate in college and I’ve done MMA. I’ve done Muay Thai at Gold’s Gym. And I kinda stopped for a bit but now I’m being here, parang nakaka-miss eh.

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