Sam Milby

Sam Milby

Monday, 1 October 2012

Some tweets & pics of Sam

@Edith_Farinas TFC vtr shoot. @samuelmilby

@AgainstAllOddtv taping day w/ @annbimateo and @samuelmilby

@bubupjp @dprincessmaja @zzpadilla @samuelmilby & @angelinequinto #asapshowdown @asapofficial

RT @olivezarate "Satisfaction" #asapshowdown @samuelmilby @asapofficial

RT @olivezarate @samuelmilby Backstage Preparing for "Satisfaction" prod #asapshowdown

RT @lulumromero We made it this far just by shaking hands. @samuelmilby 

@biancshalili @samuelmilby yesterday at #12hourFamine AAAHHHHH!!!! guapo bow! )

@olivezarate @samuelmilby Rehearsing his song for Pasig Run show at QC circle 

RT @olivezarate @samuelmilby with the Crowd Asap Pasig Run show at QCCircle

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