Sam Milby

Sam Milby

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

More pics of ASAP Live Singapore & ASAP Official Oct. 14, 2012

@olivezarate Sam Milby @asapofficial #AsapLiveinSG Rehearsal

@olivezarate @samuelmilby Rehearsing for #AsapLiveinSG

@olivezarate Pictorial?? @samuelmilby at Max Pavillion Backstage @asapofficial #AsapLiveinSG @ Singapore

@olivezarate Apple and Sam Milby #AsapLiveinSG

@olivezarate @asapofficial Stars Blocking Rehearsal #AsapLiveinSG

@olivezarate Opening Prod Blocking Rehearsal @asapofficial #AsapLiveinSG 

@olivezarate @samuelmilby Blocking Rehearsal @asapofficial #AsapLiveinSG

Marcelito,Jovit, @Angelinequinto @jmadela @richardpoonph ,Vina @yengconstantino @samuelmilby @jakecuenca VT

Nagkataon ..Nagkatagpo sa Location ng VTR shoot si Budoy at Buday  @samuelmilby and @Angelinequinto

@asapofficial Stars Arrival At Changi Airport #AsapgoestoSG Richard,Yeng,Gerald,Bangs,Maja,Sam,Angeline,Jovi

@olivezarate @samuelmilby Unloading luggages from the Carousel upon Arrival at SG

@olivezarate Sam, Angeline, Jovit,Vina and Marcelito Arrival at Changi Airport #AsapgoestoSG @asapofficial

@olivezarate @Jmadela @yengconstantino @jedmadela @yengpluggedin @samuelmilby Boarding Time #AsapgoestoSG

@olivezarate Shaina M, Paraiso Cast: Jessie M,Mateo G.,Jewel M. And Sam Milby @asapofficial Oct 14 

@olivezarate @Ziaquizon @samuelmilby and @yengconstantino Acoustic Prod @asapofficial Oct 14

@olivezarate @samuelmilby "Someone Like You" @asapofficial Oct.14

@paolovalenciano Birthday Prod. @asapofficial Oct.14 with @ziaquizon @samuelmilby @yengconstantino @yengplug

@olivezarate Teacher Annie , @Ziaquizon and @samuelmilby @asapofficial Oct 14
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