Sam Milby

Sam Milby

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Sam and Yeng Constantino credits to @bigbadbawang

"Sam picks the prettiest girl from the audience to sing with!"credits to @bigbadbawang

credits to @bigbadbawang

ako kina @yengpluggedin @aizaseguerra @paolovalenciano @samuelmilby who rehearsed for 3hrs to perfect their songs. credits to @bigbadbawan

Sam and Jake Cuenca credits to @shasha_ambrosio

Sam and Piolo about to enter the stage for Heartthrobs Prod credits to @olivezarate

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Sam will be giving away 2 red roses to the audience , who's the lucky girl?

credits to @olivezarate

Bamboo and Sam Milby credits to @olivezarate

Sam and Ms ZsaZsa Padilla credits to @olivezarate

credits to @olivezarate

Sam,  Paolo Valenciano and Yeng Rehearsal for Acoustic Prod.  credits to @olivezarate

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Practice makes Perfect!!:)

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