Sam Milby

Sam Milby

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

"Sam Milby not obsessed with looks"

By Isah V. Red
08 Oct 2012 at 6:02pm

“I am vain to a point, but not to the extent that I am obsessed with my looks,” says Filipino American actor Sam Milby over lunch at Mario’s recently where he renewed his endorsement deal with Diana Stalder.

Milby has been the skincare’s company endorser in the last six years.

According to the owners of Diana Stalder, which manufactures Dermablend Papaya Orange soap, the actor has been very effective as endorser. “It doesn’t matter if unlike the other skincare line we use a male endorser,” says the owner. “The fact that our product is doing very well in the market speaks a lot about Sam as endorser.”

Milby has the face and body any woman can tirelessly stare for a long time, or even dreamily touch them. He is an epitome of a disciplined health buff, not to mention that he has this rare magnetic’ boy-next-door’ charm.

Who would not recognize Sam Milby?

He’s local show business’ gorgeous star who always manages to be on the right track, health-wise and career-wise. Apart from the good looks and well-chiseled physique, Milby also has an enviable complexion, which never fails to wow women.

Now you know why many say he is the ultimate dreamboat.

Despite a hectic lifestyle, juggling showbiz and personal commitments, he makes sure he maintains the “artista” look by following a healthy routine, which includes skin care regimen. He considers the skin as an indicator one’s health and wellbeing. He consistently takes tried and tested skin care measures, customized for men that gives him the positive results needed to maintain that look that makes women turn their heads when he passes by. His skin care approaches, surprisingly, is not made up of complex foreign brands or services, which many might assume he resorts to with his high profile stature.

Milby says there’s only one skin secret that he likes to share with everyone and that is his trust and confidence towards Dermablend’s Papaya Orange soap blend, which helps maintain his clear and light complexion.

Also known and experienced by other men, as well, for its evident whitening effects, Dermablend Papaya Orange Soap, is also proven to inject a glow on masculine skin. The combination of Papaya and Orange is the perfect blend in skin whitening.

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