Sam Milby

Sam Milby

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Pictures of Sam Milby& other Kapamilya stars at San Diego SeaWorld Park - #AsapLiveLA

By @chineebop "Spiels shoot with @samuelmilby @superchonggo @iamjohnprats at #SeaWorld!  #AsapLiveInLA" 

SamMilby with John Prats

 credits to PhotoSam Milby  <3

By @chineebop "Smiling with the dolphin! @samuelmilby #asapliveinla"

By @olivezarate "Hugs from @samuelmilby  #AsapLiveInLA #funshoot"

By @olivezarate "Interaction with the Dolphin @andersongeraldjr @iammajasalvador @superchonggo @samuelmilby @asapofficial #AsapLiveInLA"

By @olivezarate "Splash!!!😃😃😃 #funshoot @asapofficial #AsapLiveInLA @iamjohnprats @samuelmilby @iammajasalvador @andersongeraldjr @rayvercruz @wonderjessy @iyavillana @superchonggo"

By @olivezarate "Liro Reunited with Pinky Pusit 

All photo credits to the owners. Thanks for the aweSAM pics. 

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