Sam Milby

Sam Milby

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Gerald Anderson and Sam Milby: ‘Career First, Marriage Later’

When asked what they prioritize between career and love life, “Dyesebel” leading men Sam Milby and Gerald Anderson both said they give a high priority to their respective careers so they can save up for their future families even before getting married.
For 29-year-old Sam and 25-year-old Gerald, the perfect marrying age is between early to mid-30s.

“I would love to stay in showbiz longer so I work hard. I accept the fact that it is an unstable job so you have to strike when the iron is hot. You have to enjoy it while you can and invest your money the right way,” Sam shares in “Tapatan Ni Tunying” airing this Thursday (April 24).

After nine years in the industry, the 2005 “Pinoy Big Brother” (PBB) alumnus has built his bachelor’s pad. He has also invested in two businesses, a restaurant and a coffee shop.


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