Sam Milby

Sam Milby

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

" Casting Call: The Story of Sam MIlby " replay on Nov. 29 2013

Don Talgala shared on Twitter. "..Another chance to see CASTING CALL: THE STORY OF SAM MILBY, Nov 29 Balitang America Time slot "

Credits to Don Tagala
He came from a small town in the Midwest. He pursued a college degree while waiting tables at a local steakhouse in Ohio. He knew what it was like to chase an American dream -- except for the part where he would eventually find it in the Philippines.

Casting Call tells the story of Sam Milby -- a Filipino in America who made it in a foreign homeland. While thousands of Filipinos sojourn to this to land of opportunity he left America to find himself in the country my mother calls home—and he made it big. But the story doesn't end there.

Sam would later turn his back on fame to start all over again in the United States. Will he finally make the dream come true? Or is the American Dream overrated? "

New York city-based Don Tagala captured best Plaridel award for TV Community Reporting broadcast on TFC (The Filipino Channel)/Balitang America of ABS-CBN International for “Casting Call: The Story of Sam Milby.” 

Lets all watch this Award winning documentary this Nov. 29.! 

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